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What is a LINK System and is it Difficult to Operate?

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I am new to the faculty of our community college.  Their computer labs have LINK Systems installed in them.  What does a LINK System do and is it hard to operate?


What is a LINK System?
A LINK System is classroom management solution that allows instructors to gain absolute control over their computer classroom environment.  Instructors can easily control each student’s monitor, keyboard and mouse directly from their desk.  With this functionality in place, instructors can cover more course material in less time while increasing student comprehension and retention of the material.  The LINK System’s features include:

  • Broadcast the instructor’s desktop, a secondary source, or a student’s desktop to the rest of the classroom in real-time
  • Project the instructor’s desktop, a secondary source, or a student’s desktop to the classroom’s projector in real-time
  • Blank or turn off all of the student’s screens to gain their attention
  • View any student’s desktop and/or control their keyboard and mouse in real-time
  • Freeze or disable each student’s keyboard and mouse
  • Have two way audio communication between the instructor and the classroom via headsets
  • Listen to each student’s local audio
  • Student Help requests
  • Two-way messaging
  • Create and moderate electronic tests
  • Instant surveys with live feedback

The LINK System routes the raw video image, not just a screenshot, from the source computer to the destination computers.  This provides a real-time image that is as vibrant at the destination screens as it is at the source.

Is a LINK System hard to operate?
The LINK System is extremely easy to operate.  It has an intuitive touchscreen interface.  Many of its functions are accessible via a single screen selection.  The basic features of the system can be mastered with only a few minutes of instruction.

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