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SoftLINK Assistant Features and Setup

Download PDF:  KB0147

From SoftLINK Version 11, a new companion application called SoftLINK Assistant is available for mobile Devices.

The SoftLINK Assistant is an extension of the Tutor Console, allowing Teaching Staff and Classroom Assistants to be free from a fixed machine and still have access to the core functionality of SoftLINK’s Tutor Console.

The Application can be downloaded from the following places

Supported Features
The Tutor Assistant is designed as an extension to the main tutor console and provides access to the following features when connected to a Tutor PC

  • Lock Screen
  • Blank Screen
  • Lock Printing
  • Send A Message
  • Restrict Application Usage – Using the allowed and restricted list already defined on the Tutor computer
  • Restrict Websites – By blocking all or using the allowed and restricted list already defined on the Tutor computer

In addition when using the Tutor Assistant on a device with a large screen (iPad, Android Tablet) it is also possible to view thumbnails of the class and view the student’s screens.

Adding your SoftLINK Assistant App to your tutor console will require the following operations:

Note: The Tutor Console must be running SoftLINK version 11 or later.

Enabling the SoftLINK Assistant Server.

  1. On the Tutor Console open the Configuration Utility from the View | Current Settings Menu
  2. Select the SoftLINK Assistant menu option from the left hand side to display the configuration options
  3. Set the following Options
  4. Tutor Name – This will be the name displayed in the Connections History
  5. A connection Password (If Required)
  6. Once entered Click “Start” to start the Assistant Server – The current IP Address will also be displayed.

Connecting the Mobile Device to the Tutor PC

  1. Open the SoftLINK Assistant App
  2. Once the App has started enter the following information
  3. IP Address of the Tutor PC
  4. The Connection Password if used
  5. Select Connect and the SoftLINK Assistant App will Connect with the selected tutor

Note: Depending on the settings in the Tutor console it may be required to authorize the Assistant App in the Tutor console, this can be found on the configuration pages.

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