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Should I Power Down My LINK System Every Night?

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I’ve heard that it is better for the LINK System to remain running 24x7x365 as opposed to being shut down overnight.  Is this correct?

Leaving the LINK System powered up overnight or shutting it down is more of an end-user preference.  We have many customers who leave their LINK Systems powered on 24x7x365.  Other customers shut them down at the end of the day.  Ultimately, leaving them powered up or shutting them down, we recommend that Reset is selected on the LINK System console prior to the end of the day.  If the system is left in transmit mode, it will be using much more power than if it is in the default Reset mode.  Also, if you power equipment down but fail to do a Reset prior to powering it down, then the client stations may be left in the mode that they were in prior to shut down.  There are no major differences between leaving them powered up or shutting them down, other than the power consumption during the night.  If you would like to conserve power and shut the LINK Systems down nightly, it should not cause any issues with the equipment.

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