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Running SoftLINK on a Portable Device

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Using SoftLINK is easier than ever before.  The Tutor Console can now be run from a portable device such as USB Thumb Drive, Memory Stick, Flash Drive, etc.  SoftLINK installs a Portable Tutor folder during the installation of the SoftLINK Tutor. Copying this folder to a portable device allows an instructor to run the Tutor application on any workstation that their portable device is connected to. This new feature eliminates the need to have the Tutor Console installed on any PC and may be useful if the teacher moves between machines but wishes to keep their configuration settings.

The first step to use the Tutor Console from a portable device is to install SoftLINK onto a workstation, ensuring that the Tutor option is selected during the installation. Upon completion of the installation, a folder named “Portable Tutor” will reside within the SoftLINK installation directory.  The default location for the installation is C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control.  Copying the “Portable Tutor” folder to your portable device will allow you to run the Tutor on any machine the Portable Device is connected to with no further installation.

Setting up the SoftLINK Tutor on your Portable Device
In order to save the configuration options for the Portable SoftLINK Tutor, you need to specify a file which will contain said settings.  Some of the settings that would need to be saved are the Tutor Password, Security Key, etc.

Create a shortcut to the Tutor on your Portable Device and pass the following command line:

F:Portable Tutorpcinssui.exe /RTutor.cfg

The “F:NSS Tutorpcinssui.exe” is the path to the SoftLINK Tutor and “Tutor.cfg” is the name of the file you wish to save the configuration to.

It is also possible to save the configuration files to a network drive, by modifying the /R parameter:

Mapped drives are supported: /RDrive:DirectoryFilename
UNC Paths are Supported: /R\ServerNameShareNameDirectoryFilename

Using this capability, an instructor can simply move from machine to machine within a network environment without needing to install any software on their workstation.  This also ensures that the instructor is using their own configuration files at all times, meaning SoftLINK will configured to their liking no matter where they are teaching.

Automatically Run the SoftLINK Tutor when attaching a Portable Device
It is possible for SoftLINK to start automatically when the portable device is connected to a workstation.  To accomplish this you must create a file called autorun.inf in the root directory of the device.  Place the following text within the autorun.inf file, replacing the path with the relevant options for your portable device:

[autorun] open=F:Portable Tutorpcinssui.exe /RTutor.cfg

The autorun.inf file will cause the command listed in the “open” parameter to be executed when the OS recognizes that the portable device has been connected.

Note: This functionality relies on the Auto Insert Notification of the operating system and the portable device hardware.  Not all hardware is capable of utilizing this functionality.

Technical Support
Contact Applied Computer Systems, Inc. if you need further assistance optimizing SoftLINK to work with your wireless network.

Email:  support@acs-linksystems.com
Online:  Live Chat
Phone:  1-800-237-5465

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