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Pre-Activation Installations for SoftLINK

Download PDF:  KB0199

Manual Installation

  1. Copy the attached zip file to the machine you wish to install to.
  2. Create an install folder on the machine.
  3. Unzip the PREACT.lic file from the zip file to the created install folder.
  4. Copy a valid SoftLINK license file (NSM.lic) and the SoftLINK setup file to the install folder.
  5. The install folder should now contain the files listed below:
  6. Launch the installer and select the desired components including the SoftLINK Tutor.
  7. Start the Tutor on the machine and you should not be prompted for activation.Note: During the installation the PREACT.lic file and NSM.lic file will be copied to the Tutor machine’s C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class ControlDeploy directory.


  1. Ensure the NSM.lic and PREACT.lic files are located in the following directory:
    C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class ControlDeploy
  2. If the NSM.lic and PREACT.lic files are not present, copy them to the Deploy folder.
  3. Start the SoftLINK Class Control Deploy utility.
  4. Highlight the workstations from the list that you would like to deploy the pre-activated Tutor Console to.
  5. From the Deploy drop down menu select the option {SoftLINK Class Control Package}.
  6. Confirm the path to the Deploy Setup files is pointing to the folder that contains your pre-activation, if not click on the {Properties} button to change this.
  7. Also confirm that you are deploying the Tutor by clicking edit next to the NSS.INI at the bottom of the properties section.
  8. Click the {Deploy} button to start the deployment of the Tutor to the machines
  9. Once the deployment has completed, the initial launch of the Tutor will not prompt an activation of SoftLINK


  1. The PREACT.lic file can only be used with the matching license file.
  2. The PREACT.lic file has an expiration date. Once this file has expired it can no longer be used to pre-activate Tutors.
  3. The PREACT.lic file cannot be copied to an installation folder of a previous installation to activate, it will only pre-activate new installations.
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