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How to use the Room Lookup list in SoftLINK when using a Terminal Server and Thin Clients

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SoftLINK includes support for use within Terminal Server environments. For environments using one Terminal Server to host Students within a single classroom the assignment of the Room name to the SoftLINK Student is a simple process. The room name configured locally for the SoftLINK Student installed on the Terminal Server will be applied to each of the SoftLINK Students running in the thin client sessions.

However within an environment where you have one or more Terminal Servers managing thin client sessions from multiple classrooms it is not possible to use the above method to assign the Room Names to thin client devices. The reason for this is that the client sessions will not all be located in the same room so a single room name cannot be applied. In order to assign the correct room name to each thin client device a Room lookup list option is included in SoftLINK.

The consideration in this environment is how will the Tutor console in each classroom be able to connect to only the thin clients located in their Classroom and the answer to this is to use the Room Lookup option under the Terminal Services options of the SoftLINK Student. You will need to create a CSV file that contains a list of all of the thin client device names from each classroom, these device names are then linked to a Room Name. Refer to the CSV file example below:

ThinClient1, Room1 ThinClient2, Room1 ThinClient3, Room2 ThinClient4, Room2

Each of the SoftLINK installations on the Terminal Servers will need to be configured to point to the Room Lookup file. When a User logs onto one of the thin clients, the SoftLINK Student on the Terminal Server will first look up the name of the device in the Room Lookup list file and then apply the relevant Room name for the SoftLINK Student that loads on the thin client.

The Tutor Console can then use the Room mode Student Selection mode as normal to allow the Teacher to connect to Students with a matching Room name.

To configure the Room Lookup file on the Terminal Server please follow the steps below:

1)  Go to Start – Programs – SoftLINK Class Control – SoftLINK Class Control Student Configurator
2)  Next access the Terminal Services tab
3)  Here you will find the Use Lookup file to set room option
4)  You will need to point this to the CSV File located on the Terminal Server

Once the SoftLINK Terminal Server configuration is pointed to the Room Lookup list, you can log onto a number of different Thin Client devices. When the SoftLINK Student loads in the Session you can place your mouse over the top of the SoftLINK icon in the System Tray. This will report the Room Name that has been assigned to the Device.

You will also need to ensure the Tutor Consoles are using Room Mode as the Student Selection process. Confirm this setting by logging onto the instructor’s workstation and starting the SoftLINK Tutor Console. When the Tutor Console opens select the School drop down menu and choose the Configuration option. When the Settings for configuration window appears select the Student Selection tab and ensure the Connect to Students in Room(s) is selected and also ensure that the Prompt at Startup option is also enabled.

Next restart the Tutor Console and the Class Wizard will appear at Startup. Here you will be prompted for your Teacher Name and Room Name, enter a Room name from the Lookup list e.g. Room1 and the Tutor will now only connect to the thin client devices located in Room 1.

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