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How Do I Install SoftLINK?

Download PDF:  KB0211

I just purchased SoftLINK licenses for my training facility.  How do I install SoftLINK and enter my licensing information?

Installing SoftLINK is a very user friendly experience.  Follow the instructions below.  If you have already installed the evaluation version of SoftLINK onto your computers, proceed directly to step #4.

  1. Download SoftLINK, by clicking the link in the email you received from Applied Computer Systems, Inc. and choose to save the Setup.exe to a folder on your machine.
  2. After downloading has finished, double-click the Setup.exe to begin the installation.
    a)  For the Teacher’s machine, choose Tutor.
    b)  For a Student’s machine, choose Student.
  3. Enter your license details when prompted. Please note that they must be entered exactly as they appear. All fields are required with the exception of the Expiration Date. Please leave this blank for purchased licenses.
  4. If you already have the evaluation version installed, you do not need to reinstall. You can input your new license details into the evaluation version to convert it to a licensed copy. To do this, locate and run the file “PCILIC.exe” on the PC where the Tutor console is installed. The default location for that file is C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control for a 64bit workstation, C:Program FilesSoftLINK Class Control for a 32bit workstation. Run the file and enter the license details in the corresponding fields. Please note that each field is case sensitive and you do not need to enter anything for Expiry Date.
  5. Once the license has been successfully registered on the Tutor console it will then need to be updated on the student workstations. You can do this multiple ways, including using SoftLINK Deploy or File Transfer / File Distribution within SoftLINK. Please refer to the product documentation for more information on using those features. You can also manually copy the “nsm.lic” file from the Tutor console PC to the student workstations. The file will be copied from the following directory: C:Program Files (x86)SoftLINK Class Control for a 64bit workstation, C:Program FilesSoftLINK Class Control for a 32bit workstation.

Once installation has finished on all of the machines, you can launch the Tutor program on the Teacher’s machine.  The first time the program is launched, you will be prompted to activate the Tutor.  The product activation normally takes place online automatically, but firewalls, proxies and internet filters can block the activation process.  See For Problems with online activation below for help activating the product.

When SoftLINK loads, the Welcome Wizard will appear; from here you can deploy the Student software onto new computers in your current classroom, by clicking Classroom. If you need to deploy the Student software across your network or need more advanced options click Network. To just start the Tutor program, click Start and the Class Wizard will appear. The Class Wizard enables you to enter the general properties of a lesson and guides you through the creation of a lesson plan if one has not already been created (lesson plans are optional and not required to begin using the product).  You can complete the Class Wizard or skip filling out the details and hit the OK button to continue.  The Tutor will begin searching for your Students and begin the lesson.

Note:  We recommend taking a moment, if this is your first time using SoftLINK, to read the Getting Started Guide.  You can access the guide by clicking Help, Getting Started from the drop-down menus within the main console screen.

For problems with online activation:

If you cannot activate the Tutor online, please contact our technical support department, while the activation window is open (the code changes each time the window is closed) and they can assist you with a manual activation code.

To contact Applied Computer Systems, Inc. technical staff, please call 1-800-237-5465.

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