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How Do I Get SoftLINK to See Workstations on Different Subnets

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If you are running SoftLINK across multiple TCP/IP Subnets, you will need to configure SoftLINK to use these additional subnets. Only then will you see all of the workstations when performing a browse of the Network.

When adding a subnet, you can either add a broadcast address or a range of addresses. Adding a range of Addresses is particularly useful if the subnet is behind a router that has UDP broadcasts disabled. This setting would normally prevent the Tutor from finding the Clients, but by specifying the required IP address range a broadcast packet will be sent to each machine. (Only Class C address ranges can be entered)

Example – 254

To Change the browsing setting
1) In the Tutor choose {School} {Configuration}
2) Choose the Connectivity Settings
3) In the Browsing section click on the [Settings] Button
4) In the “Configure TCP/IP Client Browsing” Dialog choose the [Add..] button.
5) Add your local subnet’s broadcast address ( e.g. )
6) Add either the broadcast address of the network or a range of IP addresses that you wish to browse across.  Please note that it is vital that you include the Tutor’s Subnet broadcast address or you will no longer be able to browse across your own network.

Once you have finished adding the Subnets and clicked on OK, the control will re-initialize and you will then be able to browse over all of the subnets that you have specified.

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