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How Do I Calibrate the LINK System Touch Screen (StealthTouch)

Download PDF:  KB0409

I am unable to select the functions on my LINK System touch screen that I want to select.  When selecting one button, a button that is beside it is selected.

The LINK System’s touch screen may occasionally require a calibration.  Calibrating the touch screen will synchronize the cursor to the point at which your finger touches the screen.


  1. Connect a USB keyboard to one of the available USB ports on the LINK System touch screen.  If calibration is severely off, connect a USB mouse as well to allow for easier selection of buttons on the screen.  You may need a Phillips screw driver to remove the cover from the lower bezel of the touch computer.
  2. From the main Link System screen, select the green Settings button on the left.
  3. Select the Shutdown button on the right hand side of the control panel.
  4. When you see the text “LinkSystem Console :: Shutting Down”, press the “C” key on the USB keyboard that was connected in step 1 (C standing for calibrate)
  5. If you are prompted for a password, use “Linksys”
  6. Follow the instructions in the calibration utility
  7. Once the calibration process has completed, you will again be looking at the “Shutting Down” message. Press the “R” key (“reboot”) to restart the touchscreen with the new calibration.

If calibrating the touch screen does not appear to fix your problem, call Applied Computer Systems, Inc. at 800-237-5465 for technical support.

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