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Does Applied Computer Systems Provide Onsite Training for SoftLINK?

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We have just purchased SoftLINK for our computer labs.  Rather than learn SoftLINK little-by-little on my own and then relay my knowledge to the instructors, is it possible for ACS to train both the instructors and IT staff onsite?

Applied Computer Systems, Inc. (ACS) offers professional onsite training sessions for all of their classroom management solutions. Whether you have workstations running a combination of Windows, OS X, and Linux or you have mobile devices such as MacBooks, Chromebooks, Android tablets, and Surface Pros, ACS is able to not only provide you with the proper solution but also provide you with the hands-on training that your staff needs. Scheduling an onsite training session for SoftLINK minimizes the learning curve and maximizes your return on investment (ROI). Past history has shown that clients gain extensive knowledge while attending a training session led by one of our dedicated trainers. ACS’s training sessions are informative and developed to meet your specific training requirements. Before the training session is scheduled, our instructors will communicate with the client and review their training requirements. Based upon their conversation and the ultimate goal of the training session, our instructors will use their years of experience to construct a training curriculum to accommodate the customer’s needs and will focus on the identified key points.

ACS instructors will provide an in-depth look at SoftLINK and how it can alleviate many of the issues that teachers have in training classrooms today. They will not only focus on the instructor’s viewpoint during the onsite training sessions, but will explore the technology coordinator’s view by digging deeper into the advanced areas of the SoftLINK software including the tech console capabilities. ACS works with the customer and provides flexible hours for all training sessions, providing a convenient time and schedule for even the busiest individuals. Our training programs are designed to leave you and your team with a knowledgeable understanding of SoftLINK. Kick-start your deployment of SoftLINK, schedule our staff to provide your team the proper training so that they can immediately take advantage of the many instructional benefits that SoftLINK has to offer.

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